In this press section you can find the program of Nights2018 as well as information on topics like NEWNet, Safe ta Night,…

Newnet – who we aresafetanight

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For more information or in case you need your accreditation, please contact Julie de Drée : – +32 489 91 84 24
Don’t forget to come and meet us on November 15 at 10 am at the Fuse for the opening press conference with:

  • Catherine Van Huyck (Modus Vivendi)
  • Alexander Bücheli (Nightlife Empowerment & well-being Network – NEWNet)
  • Bram Smeyers (24hBrussels)
  • Vladimir Martens (Cabinet de la Ministre Cécile Jodogne)
  • Jamil Araoud (Directeur Général – Bruxelles Prévention & Sécurité)

May we kindly ask you to let us know if you plan on attending?