Marcel Kok

Marcel Kok

Senior Acoustic Consultant at dBcontrol

Marcel Kok is an acoustic consultant since 1991 and also has experience as a sound engineer. Since 2008 he is the CEO of dBcontrol, active with sound level measurements & control at large outdoor (dance) festivals. dBcontrol operates in Belgium, the Netherlands and Norway. The main goal is to maintain the license for the promoter.

Marcel Kok is also a Ph.D. student at Ghent University, Belgium around the dB(C) and festivals.


The politics of sound and noise

Fuse - Main room
Decibels and measurements are becoming more and more important, for the environmental license of the outdoor festivals and for the audience. In a short overview Marcel will take you to the most recent developments, new regulations and a forecast of the decibels in the night life scene.