Maya Holmgren

Maya Holmgren

Head of Production

Maya is a project- and production manager based in Stockholm, Sweden. As head of the production for Statement Festival, she was responsible for the festival’s security, as well as the festival site and stages.

Maya also works with Fatta!, a non-profit fighting against sexual violence and Makten Över Musiken, an organisation working for equality in the Swedish music industry.

Preventing sexual harassment

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Statement Festival was born in the wake of the countless cases of sexual abuse of women at music festivals around Sweden. Year after year, the problem kept recurring and event promoters were unable to address the problem in an efficient way. The festival is the world’s first major separatist music festival, free from cis men. The goal was to create a safe space for women, non-binary and transgender people to be able to visit an awesome festival without having to worry about what they were wearing, how many drinks they had had and ultimately – getting sexually assaulted. The first Statement Festival was held 31/8 – 1/9 2018 at Bananpiren in Gothenburg, Sweden. The festival had 2 stages, 31 live acts, and 5 000 people in attendance as well as a crew of 150. No crimes at or around the festival have been reported as of today.