Thomas Bobillot

Thomas Bobillot

Regional Director, Île-de-France

Thomas Bobillot is regional director of Wimoov since 2014. Wimoov is a 20-year association, French leader provider of operational solutions of inclusive mobility.

There are many persons that can be faced off with mobility difficulties: people in social and professional integration, but also seniors and employees. Wimoov is supporting any public in fragile situations towards a sustainable and autonomous mobility. In 2017, Wimoov assisted more than 11 000 people in their mobility toward a job.

Wimoov is also a historical actor in road safety awareness. We take part today with all the public, employees and students, seniors, to encourage them to move in a more responsible way – for them, for the others and for the planet.

Wimoov is implementing solutions in order to secure mobility at night since 1998 with two mottos: delivering non-moralistic messages and awareness by pair groups.