Tinus Kanters

Tinus Kanters

Projectmanager Living Lab Stratumseind in the city of Eindhoven

Being a event organiser until 2001 (Dynamo Open Air, Folkwoods, Classical concerts) the local Government asked him to take care of the local events (Permits, risk-assessments, crowdmanagement etc). That was his job until he switched over in 2014 to start the Living Lab on the pub street called “STratumseind”in Eindhoven. Currentlyhe is the project manager of the Living Lab Statumseind.


Safer Nightlife – Bars

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At the Stratumseind in Eindhoven, a 300 meters long pubstreet with some 55 pubs, 10 snackbars, 2 coffeeshops and some nice restaurants (recently...), we try to influence the behavior of the (15.000, weekly, most weekend Friday/saterday) young visitors (mostly between 16-25 years old). Light, fragrance, Designing Out Crime/nudging and combined working (pubowners, breweries, local government, police, neighbours, city guides etc). We use sensors and other data to see what happens and use new technologies for crowd management and aggression-detectio